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Spunlace nonwoven fabric

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Soft / Breathable Non Woven Fabric Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

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Soft / Breathable Non Woven Fabric Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

breathable non woven fabric
40gr to 120cm
100%Natural fiber
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Spunlace Non Woven Fabric (Also called Hydroentanglement) is a kind of breathable non woven fabric that bonding process for wet or dry fibrous webs made by either carding, air laying, or wet-laying, the resulting bonded fabric being nonwoven.
It uses fine, high-pressure jets of water that penetrate the web, hit the conveyor belt (or “wire” as in papermaking conveyor), and bounce back causing the fibers to entangle.

The Characteristics of Spunlace Nonwoven
Flexible entanglement does not affect the original characteristics of the fiber and does not damage the fiber.
Appearance is closer to traditional textiles than other nonwovens.
High strength, low fluffy.
High moisture absorption, rapid moisture absorption.
Good ventilation.
Soft, good shape
Various of Patterns
No adhesive reinforcement, washable
Also producing the spunlace fabric is a big investment as mentioned before, the lines are very long and cover a large area.

Application of Spunlace Non woven
First of all, spunlace non woven fabric is mainly used for wipes: such as home, personal, beauty, industrial, medical wipes, etc.
Too many Wipes both dry and wet are made by spunlace fabric.

Second, medical use is another major market for spun lace fabric: such as disposable surgical clothing, surgical cover cloth, surgical tablecloths, surgical aprons, etc;
And also wound application materials: bandages, gauze, Band-Aid, etc.

Third, spunlace fabric can make for clothes, for example, clothing lining, baby clothes, training clothes, carnival night disposable color service, all kinds of protective clothing etc.
At least, it also decorative fabrics such as car interiors, home interiors, stage decoration, etc

What is a spunlace nonwoven
Because it is the fabric without weaving and spinning, only the textile staple fiber or filament orientation or random support columns form a fiber network structure and mechanical, thermal, sticky, or chemical methods such as reinforcement material. It is not intertwined by one of the yarns, plaited together, but the fibers directly through the physical method of bonding together, so when you get your clothes stick said, you will find spare a root of the thread. The non-woven fabric has broken through the traditional textile principle and has a short process, production speed, high-yield, low cost, versatile, sources of raw materials, and so on.

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