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Meltblown nonwoven fabric

Meltblown nonwoven fabric is made from a special technique for manufacturing nonwoven fabric with very fine fibers. This melt blown non woven fabric is the key part of respirators that can provide the majority of the protection. Non woven melt blown fabric is a common material nowadays that can be widely used in disposable respirators, surgical masks, face masks, re-used dust respirators, and surgical respirators. 

Melt blown non woven polypropylene fabric or pp meltblown nonwoven fabric is one kind of meltblown nonwoven which is made up of polypropylene with great oil absorption, heat insulation, filtration, and shielding capacity and properties. Non woven melt blown polypropylene fabric has various anti-wrinkle fluffy structures and voids. Being with the filtration features and distinct fiber structures of the ultra-fine fibers, meltblown nonwoven polypropylene fabric has applications in various filtration industries such as – air filters, face masks, N95 Face masks, water, and other industries.

Rays meltblown non woven fabric manufacturer provides electret meltblown nonwovens, spunbond meltblown nonwoven, bfe 99 meltblown nonwoven fabric for sale, welcome to inquiry the wholesale orders.

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