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Foshan Writers Visit Rayson with Social Positive Energy

Foshan Writers Visit Rayson with Social Positive Energy


Recently, Party Secretary Mr Lu Yi indicated that literary and art workers in Foshan can firmly build awareness of characteristics and elaborate works, go back to life and try to create more works with Foshan Features.

To respond to Lu and spread the pisitive energy of Love Foshan, Construct Foshan and Develop Foshan, six writers visited Foshan Ruixin Non Woven Co.,Ltd on March 9. They presented some works of Foshan features to Raysons staff and collected some sources materials in Rayson.

rayson non woven.jpg

Writers and Raysons Representatives

The activitity included symposium and visiting the factory two parts.

At 9:30am, Zhou Chong, the chief of Guangdong Youth Workers and Writers Association, Lv Xiaotian,the chief of Foshan Youth Workers and Writers Association, Dai Kaisheng, the chief of Nanhai Writers Association, Guo Jieguang, the vice chief of Foshan Faculty of Art, Cen Jun and Zhang Xiyang, the vice chief of Foshan Youth Workers and Writers Association, totally six writers came to Rayson and attended the enterprise survey symposium together with Raysons staff representatives.

ruixin non woven.jpg


    Compared with other companys symposium, Raysons symposium doesnt include any elegant PPT or well-arranged spokesman. After a brief introduction of the participants, Raysons general manager Mr Deng Hongchang said,  Today our participants include both old and new workers in our company. Why not ask them to talk about their opinions on Rayson?

    pp non woven.jpg

Raysons staff representatives

Representatives of different posts told their feelings about Rayson from their point of view and answered the questions by writers. The answers are not standard, but especially true. After that, the image of Rayson was clear enough so Mr Deng spent only a few minutes talking about Raysons past ten years. Finally, the writers expressed their best wishes to Rayson and presented their works to our representatives.

non woven fabric.jpg

Mr Lv presents a book to Mr Deng)

non woven tablecloth.jpg

the writers presenting their works

After the symposium, the Factory Manager Mr Deng Shuihua and the Administration Manger Mr Zhang Yingliang showed the writers around our warehouses.

anti-skid non woven.jpgagricultural non woven.jpg

the writers visiting our warehouses

The writers were so surprised that Rayson is such an elegant company locating on somewhere people are not familiar to.

It is true that we strive for practical work. In the past ten years, we seized the chances and kept creating to build todays Rayson. At the same time, we didnt forget to practice our social responsibilities, help construct Foshan and perform our dream of GO GREEN, SAVE THE WORLD.

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