Experts of China Academy of Social Science Come to Rayson for Research
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Experts of China Academy of Social Science Come to Rayson for Research

Experts of China Academy of Social Science Come to Rayson for Research


    During the critical period of traditional enterprise rebuilding, Foshan keeps chasing creative, harmonious, environmental, opening and sharing development. We aim to improve intelligent manufacture and have made great achievement in improving environmental and high-end manufacture.


    To follow President Xi’s working plan for Guangdong, China Academy of Social Science is having symposiums with leaders of Foshan High-tech Zone and representatives of relative departments and enterprises. They visit enterprises, do researches, search for creative and environmental development case in Nanhai and report the Foshan pattern.


    To go with Foshan Hi-tech Zone’s theme of “Creative and Environmental Development”, the group choose some representative enterprises in Foshan Hi-tech Zone as survey object, such as FAW-Volkswagen.  On Apr 18, 2017, the group of China Academy of Social Science and some media working people come to Rayson industrial zone for researching.



The research group and Rayson’s representatives.


    The members of the research group include research fellow of China Academy of Social Science, managing director of the magazine , Professor Li Gang, Doctor Cheng Du, Professor Liu Peng and Professor Chu Xi from China Academy of Social Science, and director of China Economist Liu Mingna. The media group includes reporters from the Xinhua News Agency, 21st Century Business Herald, First Financial Daily, Time Weekly and Zhujiang Times.


    The research group arrive in the afternoon and are welcomed by Rayson’s general manager Mr Deng Hongchang. Firstly we hold a symposium. During the symposium, Mr Deng gives a brief introduction of Rayson company and makes discussion about Rayson’s environmental products and the progress Rayson has made.


The symposium.


    Rayson’s dream of “Go green, save the world” is through out the whole process of producing from choosing raw materials to manufacturing. Furthermore, we try many times to improve our equipment so as to reduce energy consumption and save production cost.


    After the symposium, the group visit our mattress spring warehouse, mattress warehouse and non woven warehouse and get into deep understanding of our environmental production process.


The group are visiting our non woven warehouse.


    During the visit, the group speak highly of Rayson’s compressing mattresses. They are so surprised that one 30-cm-thick mattress can be compressed to such a thin one and the height of 30pcs of compressed mattresses is equal to that of just several mattresses that are not compressed.


The group are surprised to see the compressed mattresses.


The group are seeing the compressing process.


        At about 5:00pm, both the visit and the research go to an end.


    Although the research goes to an end, Rayson will never stop our  path of creative and environmental development. We will follow the aim of “creative, harmonious, environmental, opening and sharing development” and keep chasing our dream of “Go green, save the world”!