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Agricultural / Gardening nonwoven fabric

Agricultural fabrics nowadays are used for lots of purposes. Agriculture fabric can be used for forestry, agriculture, landscaping, and more. One of the major uses of agricultural fabrics is to cover and protect crops or plants from harsh weather, strong winds, pests infestations, and weeds. Our agriculture nonwoven fabric are versatile and can be manufactured in many sizes, as requested by the customers. Non woven fabric used in agriculture are not popular before, now the use of non woven fabric for agriculture is increasing year by year, as farmers are now being made aware of many cost-effective benefits that nonwoven fabric can impart to farming and agriculture. 

Agricultural nonwoven fabric is used as a covering material for garden row covers, as protective material from agriculture vermin, heavy rain, hall rain, and overheating. This material ensures optimal microclimate for the growth of plants and reduces periods of maturing; it is also used as plant frost protection fabric, weed control fabric, row cover, and ground covers. As a leading agriculture non woven fabric manufacturer and supplier in China, Rayson offers a variety of horticulture nonwoven fabric such as floating row cover, fruit protection cover, row covers, non woven weed control fabric, frost protection fleece, plant covering fabric, non woven landscape fabric, etc. Our PP agricultural nonwoven fabric is having flexible elastic ends for the complete coverage area of the planting environment. They are easy to spread on crops, and very light, flexible sheets are laid over seedbeds.

If you are looking for a wholesale agriculture non woven fabric supplier in China, with more than 14 years of manufacturing and exporting experience. Rayson must be the best choice for you, we are sincerely to cooperate with you, welcome to contact us!

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