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Plant Frost protection fabric is a specially designed nonwoven fabric. Our supply of row cover fabric, garden fleeces, landscape ground cover fabric, vegetable row covers and other plant protection fabrics will safely bring your plants through the coldest months. Plant frost protection fleece can provide a limited amount of warming by the same effect that cold frames, greenhouses, and polytunnels produce, creating a microclimate for the plants.

 The frost protection fabric material is safe and environmentally friendly. Lightweight and breathable frost protection will not interfere with the normal growth of the plants. The durable floating row cover is reusable if the plant covers is kept dry and clean.

The frost protection fleece is made of polypropylene fabric, which has heat preservation effect. The plant covering fabric for cold weather protect your garden, farm, crops, young fruit tree and fall veggies from frost, freeze and harsh to extend the plants growing period and delay the harvest season.

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