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Spa Bed Sheets

Rayson's non woven disposable massage table sheets roll or spa bed sheets are latex-free and made from the highest-quality non-woven fabric that is soft to the touch. Using these non woven disposable massage table sheets can avoid cross-contamination and provide a hygienic space for your clients, at the same time they won't lose comfortable and stylish features.Non woven spa bed sheets create quiet and subtle comfort that doesn't create a loud and disruptive crinkling paper noise as your client moves positions. 

Non woven massage table sheets are the greatest spa bed sheets for waxing, massage, physiotherapy, chiropractor, and facial treatments. They are perfect for clinics, spas, salons, hotels, parlors, at-home practices, or anywhere else where a hygienic surface for the client needs to be provided. 

If you are looking for disposable massage table sheets bulk buy supplier or spa bed sheets wholesale supplier, welcome to choose the following Rayson non woven spa bed covers for your treatment tables, chiropractic tables, massage bed, and spa beds!

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