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Facts You Need to Know About Non-Woven Tablecloth

Facts You Need to Know About Non-Woven Tablecloth


Getting to charm your furniture especially tables, to give a wholesome attractive look. Is one of the best ideas to provide the elegance of your tables either in a party, at home setting or in an event? Caring for the furniture’s has not been comfortable; however, since the invention of tablecloths, everything has changed. Everyone is on the rush to provide their homes and event an extra pop feeling for their guest. Why are table clothes so important? In our day to day life some of the things that matter to us are minimal and by having that table cloth of your taste and preference to give an exotic or elegant look for your decors is always the best thing to do.

 rayson nonwoven,ruixin,enviro-Facts You Need To Know About Non-woven Tablecloth

Tables are essential in our day to day life, and when a tablecloth is included, it makes it have another sense of personality and metamorphically speaking table cloths are designed with a touch to protect both your table and your tableware’s. Table cloths are not table cloths if they do not come from Rayson manufacturers; what a taste and quality are provided for the tablecloths. There is various type of tablecloths manufactured by manufacturers this day and are categorized into two: Woven and non-woven. What’s better depend on taste and quality?


Non-woven fabrics primarily as produced for tablecloths are woven and knitted to specs easily with substantial variation in thickness, mass, voluminosity, and stiffness. Non-woven fabrics are mostly used in all aspects of life, which have continued to grow in larger volume and usage. It is to this we incorporate this fine vital points to provide you with table clothes that are of world class with excellent fiber density and compactness not leaving aside softness.


Non-woven fabrics have become a significant segment in our textile industry today. Developing polymers that suit your demands by fabrication of material and drapability; we have equipped our non-woven table cloths with abrasive and washing resistibility to create you a product woven in high tech and technique solely to meet your interests and decors of your tables perfectly


Non-woven tablecloths are best when it comes to protecting your tables and giving it a touch of splendidness. Our Non-woven fabric tablecloths provide you our customer with great deals of interests and preference. Professionalism and dedication to fabric have been a passion for making sure we deliver the best table cloths sewed in great authenticity from our workers to provide you with an alternative for the best. Non-woven fabric table cloths from us have a great deal. What makes them perfect for you?


They are waterproof to provide your tables with high protection against getting damaged or disintegration. Secondly, well-knitted fabrics with high fiber to ensure a great touch of softness for your tables. The psychology of color matters so much when it comes to making textiles. It is to this our production is diversified with different colors all to provide a preference of your choosing and increase your buying power to match your decors and other equipment at home setting. Why is it important? Color creates a character and plays the most significant role of all in enhancing or triggering guest emotions.


A great touch of our non-woven fabric tablecloths makes sure that we have it all even to the smallest fiber sewed to bring that feeling to you and give your layouts another simply unforgettable taste. Designing and manufacturing go hand in hand, and what makes it more critical is how well the customer interest and preferences steer us in producing quality. To make sure that we meet these demands An RD team is put to researching the products that may matter to you as our loyal buyer. Creating awareness and doing research is always the most important thing. Getting to hear of your views first before indulgence in production, we are sure that the final product will be of great pleasure and use within your households and events.


Our company is built in a basic structure where the customer is always right. With able management that has existed for over twenty years in delivering products and its specialization is high and formidable. Attesting our products with the best technology in place is always our priority over the years of production and existence. Trusting us to give you the best product is just like having faith that the sun will rise tomorrow and shine for all of us. Great artistic incorporated in the production and designs gives us an upper hand in forging what the market needs and getting to supply on time to meet your demands.


Making our Non-woven fabric table clothes depends on the following things; our production line, Customer service delivery, management, ultimately how certified we are and quality control. Meeting the demands of the market has not been as easy as it is today if it is not from the help you are providing us. Inspiring ideas that cut across our production to tier market demands and quench your thirst for the best. Let’s look at what makes us the best of the best.


Production Line

At Rayson production is tiered by our nine production lines in place to meet your demands within your stipulated time. The plant is situated in a 50,000 square meter piece of land its enormous nature makes it well to incorporate both our management and production strategies in place. Producing non-woven fabric table cloths is always our primary objective among other products in the area. How it starts and how the process ends is a matter of putting the best and right tools in making you the best the market can offer keeping your interest in mind.


Transforming raw materials to end products at Rayson is all tiered from choosing the best materials for you to make the production process easy and give quality when the end product is at your hand. The non-woven fabric table cloth is made by bonding fibers by either thermal, mechanical means, use of chemicals, or solvents. In this case, Rayson production is aimed by integrating polypropylene, a recyclable polymer that naturally decomposes, and when it becomes obsolete combustion would cause no harm to the environment.


Using environmentally friendly materials make it so eco-friendly with the advantage of saving the planet. It is an antibacterial, non-toxic material that is biodegradable, which outshines other products in the market that are prone to causing significant damage to the environment and human health too. Some of the polymers are not degradable, and by choosing this type assures you that your health is at our concern.


Professionalism is also our priority, and the production lines have been equipped with about 400 staffs and employees all with requisite knowledge and experience when it comes to production. When woven fabrics are made, the production involves of carding followed by integrating non-woven fabrics in a spunlaid process that assures continuous spinning of fibers in the web by air streams. Because the grains of polypropylene are loosely connected the non-woven fabric table cloths are often made porous in nature and to assure the integrity of the non-woven fabrics then bonding with binder fibers is used to uniformly bond the structure of fibers with adjacent filaments of the material.


The production line is equipped with state of the art machines that ensure that the production line runs smoothly all tiered to suit your demand may it being machines for regular sizing, customized sizing and machines for small rolls all to meet your desired taste. Production is facilitated smoothly and managed to give the best of the best.


Customer service.

It is the essential part within the company by ensuring we have an ear and heart to what you would like to produce that customized tablecloth for your house, event, or any occasion. Rayson provides extra services for the clients in all dimensions. Its response rate is higher and makes it be an added value advantage when it comes in buying our non-woven fabric tablecloths. At Rayson, free samples are available for evaluation, and colors can choose from the charts quickly. It incorporates staffs that are highly experienced to meet all your details to the letter for both production and management


If t is a customized product, the customer provides the requirement and sizes of the product in question. Then the pricing is done with an invoice moistly, which is cost-effective to mind our customer’s pocket. It is much essential since our production process aims at reducing the production costs and increasing product quality to suit you. After the pricing then, samples are provided before the commencement of production to determine which quality and thickness you prefer.


All this service is done in consideration of your preference and make you comfortable since the value is everything at Rayson. Once all the processes and channels are followed, then the production begins, and after the quantity order is met, then there is after sale service such as delivery at your place or shipment to your address all over the world. That is solely supervised by the company making sure all channels are followed without errors to reach the desired destination.


Apart from customer based production service. Rayson offers various services such as; Original Design Manufacturing and Original Equipment Manufacturing services for all of your wants for non-woven fabric products mostly on table clothes and at times sponsor your activities as part of distribution plans.


Quality Control.

To make sure all the products meet international standards and customer need, Rayson incorporates strict measure to ensure quality is not compromised at any stage. May it be in making the required sizes, color mixture, thickness, and uniformity. Meeting customer demands 100% is the ultimate goal of the quality department by careful inspection and choice of reliable quality materials. Quality control department ensures correct sizing and packing of each item is precise while Producing non-woven fabric tablecloths 


The product produced is certified by various bodies such as SGS and Oekotex that assures the outcomes of the used polymers meets the ISO 9001: 2008 certification of standardized quality and management’s ability to provided desired services with no fail. This certification in place assures that the polypropylene fabrication is at the top-notch in comparison to other products in the market. Being that the process are fully automated and in house designed makes it easier to monitor quality and produce the best tablecloths in the world. Quality is everything, and when we do not meet your ODM as our client, then it will be a failure in all of us. It is not always about how well we can satisfy you but how well can we be eco-friendly and produce products that are friendly to our health and use with utmost pleasure and touch of experience.


Management and staff.

When it comes to staffing and our organization, the experience is a matter of consideration from our able staff of about 400. The company is well known for its 20 years of quality and expertise delivering of the polypropylene products all over the world. The basic structure being quality, excellent performance, and great artistic touch when it comes to production. Its certification and built nine production line makes it more accessible through management in producing tons of products and meeting demand on time.


Rayson has assured more than quality by incorporating the community in the realization of great use of degradable materials to save the planet a make products eco-friendly. Additionally, management has been certified as one of the best when it comes in providing exceptional services in the textile industry in various fairs such as the recent one at garden fair and world expos. Professionalism in the field has offered significant associations, and with vast experience then you can trust us in bringing the best fabric table cloths t you which are inspired by great ideas for the future of the company and customers.



Tablecloths are essential in today’s life. However, tablecloths cannot be of assured precise quality if they are not manufactured by us Rayson. It is of great pleasure and priority in taking count of customer needs and making products that are acceptable at a high degree of quality. Rayson non-woven fabric table cloths are manufactured in different sizes and colors all in the uniformity of providing the best. It is made of a degradable polypropylene polymer, and you need not worry about toxins when using them — professionally woven with a great mastery of skills for over 20 years’ experience.


Apart from then, non-woven fabric tablecloths are eco-friendly, making them more likable by customers above all the quality is always at topnotch. Customer service response is always at its best from experts ready to take good care of your product and make sure it arrives at your destination safely. Most of the table cloths produced are consumer specified to meet intrinsic values of the tablecloths in all levels of production. Rayson is one of the largest producers and certified company in terms of quality and professionalism. Buying our non-woven fabric tablecloth is an assurance of greatness and a feeling of self-worth that can only be explained by having the product at your disposal.

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