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Rayson booth number: Hall 10 E11

Rayson booth number: Hall 10 E11


Main products: pp non woven fabric, mattress, mattress cover, pillow cover

About the fair: 

Featuring as a first in its field, SLEEPWELL EXPO aims to bring the professional of mattress industry, machinery and equipments together. The fair will become an ideal exhibition venue where the state-of-the art technologies, innovative products and latest collections will be introduced.

Opening its doors to the sector first time on 17th -20th April 2014, the fair will host a commercial platform where the latest technologies across the world and the new products manufactured in Turkey to be offered simultaneously.

Mattress and supplier industry fair, of which importance and necessity have been steadily increasing throughout the world, features as a crucial organization where the leading firms and representatives of the sector come together. Being held such a fair in this issue in Turkey is a reality that attracts interest of those who want to sell product or to enter this market and wish to invest in the market.

The CEOs of the world mattress industry, senior administrators, purchasing officials, managers, producers, consumers, representatives from both home and abroad altogether will take place in this fair. Consequently, the entire representatives of the sector will come together at SLEEP WELL EXPO Fair. A real commercial platform is being constituted at the fair where the main industry of the mattress sector, supplier industry, machinery and equipments as well as industrialists come together by the sector’s consolidation.

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