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Nonwoven Fabric Bags

Non woven fabric bags are durable and reusable, which makes them economical in the long term. If you are going to carry heavy or sharp goods, find thicker. Non woven shopping bag that can reliably withstand the pressure of demanding uses. ECO friendly non woven bags receive mechanical and chemical treatment for enhanced flexibility and water absorption.

Rayson provides you with quality non woven carrier bags manufactured with are engineered instead of being woven or knitted, usually with single-use or very durable, often recycled non woven fabrics.

Rayson non woven fabric bag manufacturer gives you fashion design style, advanced technical manufacturing, and fine craftsmanship of custom printed non woven bags, as one of the leading non woven shopping bags manufacturers in China. If you are going to buy non woven shopping bags in bulk, welcome to inquire us about the non woven bags wholesale price.

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